Writing is a skill: You can track that you are improving.
Writing is a primary communication strategy in work and private life.

How to write better:
Preparation: Get Comfortable and remove distractors

  1. Step: Shut of that stuff: TV, Radio
  2. Step: Make a Plan: Timeline, Topic, Outline
  3.  Step: Planning: Set Dates, Set Goals and Monitor Progress
    1. Day 7: Due Date is the final date
    2. Day 6: Last Draft is the Date where the final version is completed
    3. Day 1: Planning: Timeline, Topic, Outline, Ideal Outcome
    4. Day 2: Research Done
    5. Day 3: Do a Draft.
  4. 4. Step: Define Goals:
    1. Planning: Interesting Goal, Outline before draft
    2. Research: 5 High Quality sources, Take notes for Outline
    3. Draft and Revision: Engaging Intro, Min 3 Subsctions, Strong Conclusion

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