Mission fo TechStars
Giving Founders an unfair competitive advantage by providing a strong network“





VC and Private Equity Firm providing Mentoring, Legal and Strategic advice
900 Companies signed up in last 10 yrs
90% are succeed
10% failed

How to get funded with TechStars? 

Team is critical: Two is the minimum, Three is best. Power Dynamics need to work.
Strong technical cofounder. Find something Big and Boring
Look for Market with 100M$ Rev per Year
How does Techstars Work?
Mentors travel to events around the world
Central Office in Bolder, Colorado
Global Event: Founderconf in Cincinaty
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Programs with Target Programs & Corporate Programs

Techstars are running Regional Programs and Corporate Partner Programs. The tech programs include IoT, FinTech, Cloud and Mobility. City Programs & Corporate Partner Programs include Projects about Supplychain Logistics for Companies of 1800 Stores. Croporate Partner Programs include Metro A/B, Virgin London,  Disney – In short Companies that are Looking for Businesses that are complimentary to their core business.

Successful investments are „big and boring“ 

  • The team of Sendgrid started out with SMTP-API, sending 1B E-Mail a day
  • Digital Ocean was part of Bolder 2010


Stakeholders at Techstars

Ford Motor Company realises they cant be the final assembler of motorcompanies
Target retailsers they cant be brick and morter
Barkleys wanted to innovation

The Rise Coworking in NewYork for FinTech

Barkley realizes they they want to do more, there is innovation they need to be integrated with 4 hubs, typically FinTech Coworkings are in London, NewYork, SouthAfrica, Telaviv.